Wednesday, 18 January 2012

pre-collection illustrations...


yep so these are a few images from my pre-collection, i guess i rabble on about doing menswear but then don't back myself up, i was inspired to put up some illustrations after seeing a striped shirt come into store today that took me back to this collection sooo i thought why not... 

the inspiration from the collection started with images of circus freaks, it later progressed and i took just one element of my original concept idea. for me, lionel the lion man was that one element. i played around with replacing the stripes in my fabric with coloured fur, using stripes in different thicknesses, directions and colours.

i'm hoping to add some more images soon as well as up and coming work, as my hours have dropped a little it will give me time to do some illustration work and be a lot more creative..

Samantha xx

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