Friday, 3 February 2012

february=folksy shop

this is the hand-made sewing kit that i made for my friends birthday. to finish it off i painted the jar lid pink and glittery and added a tape measure ribbon in a bow and filled it with other useful bits other than the pincushion and needle book and she really liked it :) 

so since then i've came up with the idea to make some other pin cushions and needle books and try sell them in my very own folksy shop (exciting!) i like to keep busy and if i can get crafty and manage to make some pocket money on the side then i will be happy!

i will link up my folksy shop when i can work out how to list my stuff! for now i will show you the first item i'm going to sell and hope you like it. 

it's a russian doll and she has lovely rosey cheeks, flower detail and is so cute i don't really want to give her away. i feel i should name her but don't know what!

Samantha xx