Sunday, 22 January 2012

hand-made flower needle book...

as mentioned in the previous post i made a needle book or tidy for my friend's birthday sewing kit gift and wanted to show a step-by-step guide. i tend to make things and don't put them on my blog but thought i would and as i've found most of my inspiration on pintrest i thought i'd put it on there too :) so here goes. this is the finished product..

i found the pattern from this lovely blog (the link takes you straight to the tutorial). i thought it was the easiest and prettiest one i could find (her birthday is on tuesday). so thought i would give it a whirl. 


as i didn't have any ink in my printer i couldn't print off the free pattern so i just drew them my own with white paper and continued to cut out the shapes in purple and green, i wanted pink and light green like in the picture but as i wondered around the empty high street on a sunday i settled for a £1 fely pack so i comprimised on the colours but think they work really well together


so after i cut out the pieces i just placed them together to see what they would look like and this is the result. now in the tutorial there is a cute yellow centre for the flower but as i used one in my daisy pincushion and i had these fake flowers laying around i thought i'd put them to good use and sew them to the front of the book and make it a little more pretty..

 i just sewed lots of petals onto the front and held them in place with some prety aqua colour beads as i thought it went really well with the pinky purple colour, i sewed them close together so they would almost bunch up and make a 3D bouquet kind of shape! i simply then sewed the purple and green pieces together at the fold and ta-da! the last two images are the finished project, closed and opened! i still want to add some sewing needles, maybe onto the safety pin page but there you go, it was super easy to make and i'll let you know the outcome when i give it to my friend!

hope you liked it too :) 

Samantha xx

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