Wednesday, 31 August 2011

beach house...

finally found some new music and came across beach house and have fell in love.. this is probably one of my favourite songs so far and is called 10 mile stereo but they are all beautiful! wow! 

don't you just love finding new music!

Samantha xx



images can be found here

Samantha xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

portrait thursdays...

well after reading other blogs and seeing them all have one day dedicated to putting up a picture of themselves, i thought why not crack out the photo booth and have a pose! plus it shows off my new fringe and the lack of purple on the tips of my! the lace dress i'm wearing is quite an old one from boohoo and totally forgot i had it until today! its made of lace and jersey and fits a little funny/too well around the belly so i think that's why i've only worn it like once before, but i'll probably now put it under something like a high-waisted skirt and get the use out of it for sure! feeling creative so going to draw/paint and hope to put some of them up later or tomorrow! wish me luck!

Samantha xx

lace beards..

ageing is inevitable, i'm just hoping when i grown an old lady beard it comes out like this :)

Samantha xx


i absolultely love owls and love love this image think i might start off the illustrations with some dedicated to these cute little creatures!

Samantha xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

topshop wishlist...

i have some super exciting news that i've just been given a job as a visual merchandiser at topman! it's a dream come true and an amazing start to what i hope will be a fun and inspiring career in fashion!

so in honour and for my own torment (no pennies as of yet), i've decided to compose a topshop wish list taken from their 'new in' section on the website!

hope you love them as much as i do!

Samantha xx

p.s these beautiful pieces can be found here via these links at :) 

123456, 78

Monday, 15 August 2011

purple tips and polka dots...

first lookbook outfit post, strange posing in the garden without the influence of alcohol but as i quite liked this outfiit and it was sunny thought why not! 

new favourite song on repeat...

absolutely in love with the new friendly fires song hawaiian air from their new album pala which i recommend to listen to, so feel good and will guarantee you wanting to dance your socks off :) 

Sunday, 14 August 2011

glitter gradient nails...

last post of the day, but just tried out these bad boys and pretty happy with the result!

any  tips for a subtle gradient as when i try it with a make-up sponge (as many youtube videos show) it just looks rubbish! maybe practise makes perfect here!

Samantha xx

beautiful headpiece...

if someone could buy this for me i'd be forever grateful..

the company is called snakesnest designs and they have some really great bracelets that have a ring element to them too, all of which can be found here

been on a mad blog hunt to get some inspiration from all the other amazing fashion blogs that are out there which is how i found out about these beauties :)

Samantha xx

sometimes you need something like this to make you think...

i guess recently i've been feeling a little lost without a job and trying to stay creative and upbeat, i guess i've been in abit of a funk! but i stumbled across this today and it made me smile and think how great my life really is and it could be worse!

i'll be posting some pictures of outfits soon and some beaded detachable collars i've been working on!

hope you're all enjoying the weekend :)

Samantha xx

p.s the image can be found here

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

this blog needs some excitement...

i guess things are still new and well i don't think i have any follwers haha but either way i'm going to keep blogging and going to make it more of a just fashion related blog, i really want to put up some outfit looks and share my wish lists with you all too, just have to get in the swing of things and hire a photographer and pose!

as promised i've put up a picture showing my attempt at leopard print, i just painted one finger nail as i really like the effect and how much it stands out on the hand! i used avon's nailwear pro in pink radiance for the base colour and 17's fast finish nail polish in twist which i thought looked amazing next to the pink and really made the effect stand out more! i've taken the picture holding my cross necklace that i am a little obsessed with wearing everyday, i'm not really religious in the slightest but i've found myself wanting to wear cross jewellery all the time and have purchased some silver cross dangly earrings from ebay! i will hopefully be wearing them in future outfit posts so you will see them very soon..

think that's all for now!

Samantha xx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

oh i do like to be beside the seaside..

i am currently planning a trip to brighton to see one of my very best friends from university and also came across some lovely beach photographs i took a few years ago so thought i would share them with you all to try bring a little seaside charm to your day :)

hope you enjoy them!

Samantha xx

Monday, 8 August 2011

leopard print nails...

so today in my boredom i tried out the latest fad of leopard print nails and the result was pretty nifty if i do say so myself! not too sure why i chose nifty but what the hey! i will try post some pictures on here when i finish them all! as it's been a little time consuming! the day was not a complete waste however as i got to talk with my recently engaged friend who wants me to make the dress for her and make glittery pink cupcakes! there are perks of being a girl :)

i've recently been applying for visual merchandiser jobs around my area and very excited about the prospect of being creative in a fashion retail environment! i don't see myself as a designer as such just someone who loves fashion and is very visual so this job feels perfect! i shall keep you updated with any future job offer(s), plural just in case i'm so great everyone wants to hire me..

but anyways just thought i'd leave this image as it made me think that i need to really try push myself and have a career i can be passionate about and happy in, i hope you like it!

Samantha xx

Sunday, 7 August 2011

colour tips...

cannot get enough of colour tips at the moment and love this image so much..

i am currently sporting some nice purple tips, however as a brunette they aren't as vibrant and noticeable as on lighter hair and that i'd like! either way i love experimenting with my hair and can't wait to try out something new, maybe even doubling up on the colour..

Samantha xx

p.s the image can be found here :)

a new creative me..

right so, i've recently graduated from a fashion degree, moved home and desperate to keep creative!

so i'm hoping to post some of my looks, inspiring fashion and other images i've come across, things i'm making and any other ramblings that i feel i should share with you all!

Samantha xx