Thursday, 29 March 2012

flatform shoe love..

now i know flatforms have been around for ages but tomorrow is payday and well i want to invest in a pair so i thought i'd put together this amazing display of shoe love for you all to admire! any favourites? mine is definitely number 6 but number 4 look so cute too and definitely more everyday!! might ask for them for my birthday, but then that's in early birthday present then..

Samantha xx

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

sunshine and polka dots..

dress: primark (old)

what can i say, i liked my dress, i liked my hair and i liked the amount of sunshine that was coming through the bathroom window so i took a picture..

Samantha xx

Monday, 26 March 2012

outfit of the day..

outfit of the day
playsuit: bay trading (before they went into administration)
belt: primark
lipstick: barry m number 62

i wore this to work today and only wore some cross earrings that didn't really go come to think of it, but my hair was pretty big and curly and my lipstick was soo bright i thought there wasn't a great need for any jewellery although i did feel a little naked. i love this playsuit, it's about 2 years old now and i don't wear it very often but as the weather warms up and neon colours continue to be in fashion i will no doubt be whipping it out as well as my pale legs! huzzah!

hope you've had a lovely day enjoying the sunshine!!

Samantha xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

things i liked this week..






so i figured this week instead of looking at other peoples blogs and being jealous of how much they add to it and how frequently i thought why not just do it! i've made myself a kind of timetable of regualr things to add to it and on sunday i thought i would give a run down of what i've been looking at and doing.. hopefully people will find it interesting! so here goes the first of my "what i liked this week"

1. jasper james: people and places series photography! such a simple but effective idea! gorgeous photos!

2. illustration by robert maple gave me inspiration to 'have a go' myself at illustrating my favourite camera-my purple holga! it's no way as cute as his and i wasn't trying to copy at all but it's been a while since i used illustrator and photoshop so i thought i'd have a cheeky go! and it was soo quick and easy and made me really want to keep on illustrating but using drawings! probably about time i stopped talking about it and did it, huh?

3. jellyfishing, jellyfishing, jellyfishing! said in the voice of spongebob squarepants obviously! found these amazing images and fell in love with the colours! jellyfishes freak me out a little bit though so i am grateful for other people being that brave to go under the sea to take them for my enjoyment!

4. i am officially now a craftgawker!! a new addiction! kind of like pinterest with lots of pictures and ideas for a variety of d.i.y projects! you should definitely check it out!

5. making my own jewellery! i have been playing around with making things like pin cushions and phone cases but came up with some good ideas for jewellery and i'm pretty happy with the final outcome! i had the lime green coloured felt and thought mixed with the pink and purple it would look nice and fit well into spring/summer season! the lime is just a hint of neon and the pink and purple are just the right shade! i wore it with a shirt, not the denim one in the picture but it fits great just under the collar and think it makes a real statement! going to start making more when i can afford some supplies and hopefully they'll go down well!

so i hoped you liked some of things i did this week and i will be back next week to do the same! hope you've all had a lovely weekend and been enjoying the sunshine!

samantha xx

p.s the images in the first three points were found via

Thursday, 22 March 2012

holographic shoe love..

i discovered an amazing new blog called love aesthetics and not only did i fall in love with the very stylish owner and all the awesome d.i.y ideas but one of her latest posts was about the chalayan fall '12 catwalk show and it gave me instant shoe envy!! how, where, when, how much and now now now! i have zero pounds to my name but if anyone knows any holographic paint i can buy to cover my entire shoe collection with i would be enternally grateful..

images found via

Samantha xx