Wednesday, 21 December 2011

spring 2012 menswear favourites...

well i thought it would be cool to have a look at the up and coming menswear spring collections for 2012 and here are a few of my favourites for the upcoming season, hope you enjoy them as much as i have..

etro spring 2012.
etro are probably one of my favourite designers. i love their playful use of colour and print and the way they clash and put the outfits together. i particularly love the printed collar in the first picture and what is not to love about a polka dot suit!!

burberry prorsum spring 2012.
colour, geometric shape print, skinny fit and amazing shoes. what else could you ask for in a menswear collection. love the fur trim on the jackets and the teal and other autumnal colours featured in the collection but with a fresher twist ready for spring. definitely would wear everything here, if i was a man that is but really love the cut of the trousers and the shoes, where can i get them from!!

3.1 phillip lim spring 2012.
not a designer i've really looked into that much and it caught my eye as it was the first image on the page and it features ombre effect garments.. if it's good enough for my hair it's definitely good enough for this collection! love the top shirts, would be amazing in a purple or turquoise...mmm! but aside from the ombre i really like the use of layering and although the collection is casual, looser in cut and lacking a lot of the colour and print in the previous collections- i really like it!

kenzo spring 2012.
final collection i'm going to talk about but thought i'd end it with a whammy of a collection. tropical print, stripes, clashing and colour blocking. i like this collection very much. love in fact. really fresh colours and prints and with matching scarves. one of each please. 

well all this admiring has left me feeling inspired. think the new year will be a good time to start a new design project and get my portfolio in order, too much eating to do first with christmas being only 4 sleeps away :)  

Samantha xx

p.s all images were found using the bible that is

Sunday, 18 December 2011

topman looking suave...

i found these images online and although i work with the stock pretty much everyday, it was so nice to see it on models and in a different light and gave me some inspiration for styling etc..

Samantha xxx

the olsens...

thanks to this amazing blog i am now in love with the olsens, not that i didn't love them before but now i love them in jealous i want their wardrobes, faces and hair way. it also made me realllllly want to grow my hair all mermaid like. sigh.

Samantha xx

scanned in photographs...

as said in the previous blog, i wanted to post some film photography that i have scanned in. the top three were taken with my holga at lowestoft beach and the other three were taken in germany and amsterdam with my 4 lens camera. would be amazing to take it further and explore a little more with my camera and an excuse to go to some new lovely places...

Samantha xx

eleni mettyear...

i found these images today at feaverish photography and they are by eleni mettyear and well i am in love-especially with the second one! i don't know about anyone else but i think there is something extra nice about scanning in film photographs. think i will make a separate post showing some of my scanned in "photography skills". i think one of my new years resolutions is to definitely get more into photography, all i need is some models, some cool locations, my holga and lots of film...

Samantha xx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

the xx...

rihanna's drunk on love made me fall in love with the xx, i have liked them in the past but today was the first time i've really listened to the album, love when that happens! it's like finding a new favourite band!! here is the video for you to coo over too :) 

Samantha xx

Friday, 2 December 2011

moustache mug...

someone is getting a mug like this for christmas. amazing. 

23 days till christmas <3

Samantha xx