Wednesday, 21 December 2011

spring 2012 menswear favourites...

well i thought it would be cool to have a look at the up and coming menswear spring collections for 2012 and here are a few of my favourites for the upcoming season, hope you enjoy them as much as i have..

etro spring 2012.
etro are probably one of my favourite designers. i love their playful use of colour and print and the way they clash and put the outfits together. i particularly love the printed collar in the first picture and what is not to love about a polka dot suit!!

burberry prorsum spring 2012.
colour, geometric shape print, skinny fit and amazing shoes. what else could you ask for in a menswear collection. love the fur trim on the jackets and the teal and other autumnal colours featured in the collection but with a fresher twist ready for spring. definitely would wear everything here, if i was a man that is but really love the cut of the trousers and the shoes, where can i get them from!!

3.1 phillip lim spring 2012.
not a designer i've really looked into that much and it caught my eye as it was the first image on the page and it features ombre effect garments.. if it's good enough for my hair it's definitely good enough for this collection! love the top shirts, would be amazing in a purple or turquoise...mmm! but aside from the ombre i really like the use of layering and although the collection is casual, looser in cut and lacking a lot of the colour and print in the previous collections- i really like it!

kenzo spring 2012.
final collection i'm going to talk about but thought i'd end it with a whammy of a collection. tropical print, stripes, clashing and colour blocking. i like this collection very much. love in fact. really fresh colours and prints and with matching scarves. one of each please. 

well all this admiring has left me feeling inspired. think the new year will be a good time to start a new design project and get my portfolio in order, too much eating to do first with christmas being only 4 sleeps away :)  

Samantha xx

p.s all images were found using the bible that is

Sunday, 18 December 2011

topman looking suave...

i found these images online and although i work with the stock pretty much everyday, it was so nice to see it on models and in a different light and gave me some inspiration for styling etc..

Samantha xxx

the olsens...

thanks to this amazing blog i am now in love with the olsens, not that i didn't love them before but now i love them in jealous i want their wardrobes, faces and hair way. it also made me realllllly want to grow my hair all mermaid like. sigh.

Samantha xx

scanned in photographs...

as said in the previous blog, i wanted to post some film photography that i have scanned in. the top three were taken with my holga at lowestoft beach and the other three were taken in germany and amsterdam with my 4 lens camera. would be amazing to take it further and explore a little more with my camera and an excuse to go to some new lovely places...

Samantha xx

eleni mettyear...

i found these images today at feaverish photography and they are by eleni mettyear and well i am in love-especially with the second one! i don't know about anyone else but i think there is something extra nice about scanning in film photographs. think i will make a separate post showing some of my scanned in "photography skills". i think one of my new years resolutions is to definitely get more into photography, all i need is some models, some cool locations, my holga and lots of film...

Samantha xx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

the xx...

rihanna's drunk on love made me fall in love with the xx, i have liked them in the past but today was the first time i've really listened to the album, love when that happens! it's like finding a new favourite band!! here is the video for you to coo over too :) 

Samantha xx

Friday, 2 December 2011

moustache mug...

someone is getting a mug like this for christmas. amazing. 

23 days till christmas <3

Samantha xx

Saturday, 19 November 2011


i'm having so much fun making these...

Samantha xx

supakitch and koralie...

wow. no other words! just came across this video on stumbleupon and was just amazed. made me feel so creative, made me realise i need to really get off my butt and work on my portfolio. 

close ups...

Samantha xx

Thursday, 17 November 2011

how to: make a deer collage silhouette for free using photoshop...

well the title is a bit of a mouthful but it does what it says on the tin! i was browsing urban outfitters and oogling the wonderful things they have for sale as christmas present ideas.. for myself, but what i came across was this beautiful deer collage canvas and fell in love!!

it's only a mere £28 which i think is reasonable and the minute i get a house i want to display all kinds of weird and wonderful pictures in it (you should check out the website under home and gifts and check out the camera prints-another one to add to the wishlist)

so anyway i am rabbling, it gave me an idea about a minute later to try make my own and that i did! i simply googled deers head silhouette and made my choice, googled decoupage flowers in large size because the rest were so tiny and got creating on photoshop and this is the outcome, now the silhouette turned out to be really pixelated when i made it bigger but being the perfect angle i used it and to much joy, when i sharpened it and played around with it, it actually gave a jaggered edge which didn't look far off the urban outfitters one, obviously that is made using the flowers as the collage but hey it took me about 30 minutes if that (including time to blog about it) and now i want to get it printed out on some nice paper and pop it in a frame! 

but yeah, so i hope you like it as much as i do and i am hoping to make a series of them and who knows, they might make some lovely card ideas or even gift ideas! i'd like to try it with different backgrounds and animals and see what they turn out like!

hope you're all enjoying the autumn as much i am and i hope to post a lot more in the run up to christmas with everything festive!

Samantha xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

lana del rey...

found this song oddly enough on made in chelsea and thought it was just beautiful, it's called video games and can be found  here going to give the rest of her stuff a listen! love love new music!! 

Samantha xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

handmade velvet bow tie...

i recently made some velvet bow ties which i am hoping to sell.. this one was made very simply and i sewed on a crystal chain that i had picked up from one place or another but i made some others too, a black one with some multi-coloured gems,i am hoping to put some pictures up of them in the next few days! 

it was so simple and easy to make and the colours are perfect for the season! 

leopard print shirt is from a vintage fair, and the rings are from a selection at h&m

Samantha xx

Friday, 14 October 2011

topman trend: northern lights...

this is an illustration that i've been thinking about doing the past few days to keep myself creative, add to my portfolio and to show off some of my styling that i've done since i've been working at the company! it was all done pretty quickly but i'm happy with the results and wow it felt so good to be doing something like this again-its been about four months since i've finished university!

i'm thinking about designing a new collection purely for myself and i don't think i'll make any of it but hoping to come up with something new and fresh!!

any constructive criticism is welcomed!

Samantha xx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

bon iver..

possibly my favourite ever band and i only just realised this! if i could marry this man i would just so he could sing to me!

Samantha xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

missing london...

i came across this image which i took in brick lane area 4 years ago when i first started university and exploring london! wow it has really made me miss the whole experience and all the friends i made! life goes on though and really love my job! hoping to visit london again this weekend and feel like being a tourist again! i'll post the pictures next week some time! being lazy with blogging but so much has been going on behind closed doors, things are calming down now luckily! phew! 

hope you've all been enjoying the lovely sunshine :)

Samantha xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

how to: vamp up an old jewellery box...

so as you can see i have an old jewellery box that i recently dug up in the shed, i used to love using it when i was younger but think i traded it in when i got a newer model! thinking it looked a little tired i decided to give it a make-over and below are the results. luckily for me, all the compartments came out easily and were simply made of cardboard so i stripped off the grey fabric and using some glue and some free wall paper sample i transformed it into something a lot prettier to look at and display my jewellery. hope you enjoy it!

i didn't take any photographs as i was doing it but am planning to come up with some more how to's like nail painting and accessory making so stay tuned!

Samantha xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

topshop unique ss12


yep so i'm pretty much in love with everything from the topshop unique ss12 collection! the inspiration came from the head of design, karen bonser watching the iconic elizabeth taylor film cleopatra and began to explore what a modern eqyptian woman would wear in urban london.

i'm obviously a big fan of topshop but always love how innovative the unique collections can really be! what i love about this collection is the mix of black and gold, mixing sheer and denim fabric and the beautiful scarab detailing on the body in the last image! want and need that in my life!

now all i need is some gold leaf for my hair and i'll be well away! 

Samantha xx

images and information about the collection can be found here