Wednesday, 28 September 2011

missing london...

i came across this image which i took in brick lane area 4 years ago when i first started university and exploring london! wow it has really made me miss the whole experience and all the friends i made! life goes on though and really love my job! hoping to visit london again this weekend and feel like being a tourist again! i'll post the pictures next week some time! being lazy with blogging but so much has been going on behind closed doors, things are calming down now luckily! phew! 

hope you've all been enjoying the lovely sunshine :)

Samantha xx

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

how to: vamp up an old jewellery box...

so as you can see i have an old jewellery box that i recently dug up in the shed, i used to love using it when i was younger but think i traded it in when i got a newer model! thinking it looked a little tired i decided to give it a make-over and below are the results. luckily for me, all the compartments came out easily and were simply made of cardboard so i stripped off the grey fabric and using some glue and some free wall paper sample i transformed it into something a lot prettier to look at and display my jewellery. hope you enjoy it!

i didn't take any photographs as i was doing it but am planning to come up with some more how to's like nail painting and accessory making so stay tuned!

Samantha xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

topshop unique ss12


yep so i'm pretty much in love with everything from the topshop unique ss12 collection! the inspiration came from the head of design, karen bonser watching the iconic elizabeth taylor film cleopatra and began to explore what a modern eqyptian woman would wear in urban london.

i'm obviously a big fan of topshop but always love how innovative the unique collections can really be! what i love about this collection is the mix of black and gold, mixing sheer and denim fabric and the beautiful scarab detailing on the body in the last image! want and need that in my life!

now all i need is some gold leaf for my hair and i'll be well away! 

Samantha xx

images and information about the collection can be found here 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

wishlist 1...

last time i made a wishlist was a topshop inspired one as i had just got a job there..3 weeks in and actually really loving it! will keep you updated but thought i'd make one this time with things i've been admiring on the new-in sections on a few high street shops! autumn is certainly on its way and feel like i have no clothes, well no cosy knits shall we say! yeah so its just a random mix of things, last time i think i made it more of an outfit build for myself but anyway! i've lost all the links to the garments but can tell you where i found them all and then you can go find them yourselves! ha sorry but then at leat it gives you a chance to window shop like me! roll on payday to actually buy them! thinking definitely the tassle penny loafers mainly because they are such a bargain for £14 and i might be naughty and get the dalmation shorts because well i just need them in my wardrobe!

think i need to network my blog abit more and get more readers, seemed to get loads when i posted a outfit on chictopia but have been so busy with work and my photographer has gone back to school..oh dear!

anyway if anyone has any advice please let me know and hope you like the first of many wishlists 

Samantha xx

p.s 1, 6 and 7 are from florence&fred at tesco, 2 and 3 are from asos, 5 and 8 are from dorothy perkins and 4 are from topshop

Sunday, 11 September 2011

new series..

love love love how i met your mother and the new series is coming on soon eeep! always hate it when my favourite programmes come to an end of the series and i always feel at a loss. to be honest i only started watching this because i couldn't wait another whole week for glee to come on but found myself addicted to the whole premise of the programme! i am a hard-core romantic so obviously it ticks all the boxes as well as it having jason segel starring in it who is probably one of my favourite actors for his sense of humour especially in i love you man! but anyway came across this image and thought i'd share it with you all! love it when they photograph celebrities from the norm and have fun with them, surely that's what its all about? i'll let you know when i'm famous!

really hoping to get into a more routined blog habit with more fashion related posts as well as d.i.y projects like my cute embellished denim bow ties i have been making and can't wait to model!
i will try harder! 

hope you've had an awesome weekend!

Samantha xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

portrait thursdays...

almost forgot to do this today and with last week being late i guess i'm not very disciplined! work has been amazing, so much to learn still but enjoying it minus the long hours!

today as seen in the picture i'm wearing a navy lace dress as a top from primark, my black heart necklace, my hair in a very ready-to-bath messy up do which i'm actually liking and with the eyeliner and lipstick feeling very glamourous! its number 62 and by barry m i always get compliments when wearing it but its a little bright so i don't always wear it! sure will bring some colour into the fast approaching gloomy autumn days!

hope you're all well!!

Samantha xx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

mr pug...

this is just a silly illustration that i did the other week! its hand-drawn and coloured in with watercolour and was then tweaked a little on my mac! he was a little rushed and the original looks a little nicer! but hoping to build up a little collection and maybe try sell some as cards? who knows someone might want an ugly pug drawing to give to someone! haha! and i like to call myself artistic!

Samantha xx