Sunday, 15 April 2012

mango summer lookbook 2012

sigh. i want everything. especially the first outfit and the nerve to wear all white. does this scare anyone else? i'm happy to wear all black-not in a goth way but when it comes to all white eeek! maybe i'm not cool/angelic enough to get away with it. plus i'm pretty pale at times! but enough about my complexion! hope you found them as lovely as i do!

Samantha xx

my friends are having babies i'm collecting shoes..

friday started out as a boring day, it was raining, i had the day off work without any plans so i decided to walk into town where i laid my eyes on these beauties and well it was love at first sight. AND they were only £25!!! obviously they aren't real underground creepers and well i don't actually think i care! for a third of the price i am not complaining. they are the new addition to my shoe family and they fit right in! i haven't worn them out yet! i feel these are shoes you need to 'dress' and not just sling on to go to the local shop? so i'm a little scared but i will on monday to work and will whip them out and show them off just like a new born. that's weird isn't it?

Samantha xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

nail varnish of the day..

so the other day i just knew i had to have some new make-up in my life! i am actually after an elusive turquoise colour (i have seen it somewhere but i hope i'm not dreaming it) but as i'm yet to find it i spotted this little beauty instead and because it was 2 for £3 in superdrug, i couldn't resist and bought some mascara too! i haven't really used the mascara yet to see if i like i but i never really use expensive mascara and the brush looks good so fingers crossed! but anyway here is a picture of the nail varnish, i'm not too sure how close to the colour the photograph actually is (i think it looks more purple in the flesh) i used three coats but as it dries super quick i didn't mind! i bought a mega glittery one when i was in the states last year for a dollar and unfortunately it ran out so i may have to buy some more but i really like their nail varnishes and they are great value for money too! the website shows all the products they sell and made me want every shade!

*264-lincoln square lavender

anyone else a fan of their make-up? is the foundation/lipstick any good? please let me know if i'm missing out!!

Samantha xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

i am now a twitterer..

i don't know if that's the correct name of someone who tweets and to be honest it's not completely me just yet! how on earth do you use it and get people to follow you who don't have a link to a website with the words big boobs and c*m shot in the title? gross! i spam them everytime! i have a feeling it's a lot like facebook where you get to write stuff but get to include people in them? ha i have no idea but i am following people like fearne cotton, alexa chung, some of my favourite bloggers oh and joey essex! haha! if someone could lead me in the write direction and stop me feeling like a 90 year old with a new mobile phone then that would be amazing! here is the link to my twitter page..

i had the intention of really getting ino my outfit posts and looking for things i like and just basically being a better blogger but alas i've had some random flu thing so i look a little like death warmed up! i am feeling better today though so hoping to be posting more in the next few days! 

hope you're all well and having a nice day!

Samantha xx