Sunday, 22 January 2012

daisy pincushion...

today i started putting together a sewing kit for my very best friend's birthday for tuesday! she's been sewing a lot recently and whilst i was planning to get her some really pretty scissors i was on pintrest and came across some lovely sewing kits in jars so i thought i'd put together one for her and customise it with a hand-made pin cushion and needle tidy/book. i've also bought some other bits and bobs like thread, an unpicker and thrown in some spare buttons and its starting to fill up and look really pretty! i will upload some pictures when i've completely finished it but for now thought i'd start with the daisy pincushion and will blog about the needle book with instructions and more pictures next!

this was possibly this easiest thing to make, i just made a flower stencil, cut out two white flower shapes, one small yellow circle, sewed it onto the first piece then using blanket stitching went round the whole thing stuffing with cotton wool as i went. its not as full as other pincushion but think it definitely does the job. 

i hope you like it!!

Samantha xx

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