Wednesday, 10 August 2011

this blog needs some excitement...

i guess things are still new and well i don't think i have any follwers haha but either way i'm going to keep blogging and going to make it more of a just fashion related blog, i really want to put up some outfit looks and share my wish lists with you all too, just have to get in the swing of things and hire a photographer and pose!

as promised i've put up a picture showing my attempt at leopard print, i just painted one finger nail as i really like the effect and how much it stands out on the hand! i used avon's nailwear pro in pink radiance for the base colour and 17's fast finish nail polish in twist which i thought looked amazing next to the pink and really made the effect stand out more! i've taken the picture holding my cross necklace that i am a little obsessed with wearing everyday, i'm not really religious in the slightest but i've found myself wanting to wear cross jewellery all the time and have purchased some silver cross dangly earrings from ebay! i will hopefully be wearing them in future outfit posts so you will see them very soon..

think that's all for now!

Samantha xx

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