Monday, 8 August 2011

leopard print nails...

so today in my boredom i tried out the latest fad of leopard print nails and the result was pretty nifty if i do say so myself! not too sure why i chose nifty but what the hey! i will try post some pictures on here when i finish them all! as it's been a little time consuming! the day was not a complete waste however as i got to talk with my recently engaged friend who wants me to make the dress for her and make glittery pink cupcakes! there are perks of being a girl :)

i've recently been applying for visual merchandiser jobs around my area and very excited about the prospect of being creative in a fashion retail environment! i don't see myself as a designer as such just someone who loves fashion and is very visual so this job feels perfect! i shall keep you updated with any future job offer(s), plural just in case i'm so great everyone wants to hire me..

but anyways just thought i'd leave this image as it made me think that i need to really try push myself and have a career i can be passionate about and happy in, i hope you like it!

Samantha xx

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