Thursday, 25 August 2011

portrait thursdays...

well after reading other blogs and seeing them all have one day dedicated to putting up a picture of themselves, i thought why not crack out the photo booth and have a pose! plus it shows off my new fringe and the lack of purple on the tips of my! the lace dress i'm wearing is quite an old one from boohoo and totally forgot i had it until today! its made of lace and jersey and fits a little funny/too well around the belly so i think that's why i've only worn it like once before, but i'll probably now put it under something like a high-waisted skirt and get the use out of it for sure! feeling creative so going to draw/paint and hope to put some of them up later or tomorrow! wish me luck!

Samantha xx


  1. aww thank you morgan! we call it a fringe over here! so strange! love your blog! started following you :) xx