Thursday, 12 April 2012

nail varnish of the day..

so the other day i just knew i had to have some new make-up in my life! i am actually after an elusive turquoise colour (i have seen it somewhere but i hope i'm not dreaming it) but as i'm yet to find it i spotted this little beauty instead and because it was 2 for £3 in superdrug, i couldn't resist and bought some mascara too! i haven't really used the mascara yet to see if i like i but i never really use expensive mascara and the brush looks good so fingers crossed! but anyway here is a picture of the nail varnish, i'm not too sure how close to the colour the photograph actually is (i think it looks more purple in the flesh) i used three coats but as it dries super quick i didn't mind! i bought a mega glittery one when i was in the states last year for a dollar and unfortunately it ran out so i may have to buy some more but i really like their nail varnishes and they are great value for money too! the website shows all the products they sell and made me want every shade!

*264-lincoln square lavender

anyone else a fan of their make-up? is the foundation/lipstick any good? please let me know if i'm missing out!!

Samantha xx

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