Sunday, 11 September 2011

new series..

love love love how i met your mother and the new series is coming on soon eeep! always hate it when my favourite programmes come to an end of the series and i always feel at a loss. to be honest i only started watching this because i couldn't wait another whole week for glee to come on but found myself addicted to the whole premise of the programme! i am a hard-core romantic so obviously it ticks all the boxes as well as it having jason segel starring in it who is probably one of my favourite actors for his sense of humour especially in i love you man! but anyway came across this image and thought i'd share it with you all! love it when they photograph celebrities from the norm and have fun with them, surely that's what its all about? i'll let you know when i'm famous!

really hoping to get into a more routined blog habit with more fashion related posts as well as d.i.y projects like my cute embellished denim bow ties i have been making and can't wait to model!
i will try harder! 

hope you've had an awesome weekend!

Samantha xx

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